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sorry boston, its all Cam's fault

Last night, as it is well documented and know by now, the Red Sox lost game 7 of the ALCS to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I can't help but think it is Cam's fault. You see, Cam has a red sleeper with the Red Sox logo on it. It my favorite right now, but his mother thinks it is too hot. So, sometimes I get to put it on him and sometimes I dont. Last night, I didn't.

This is only significant because the last 3 times he has worn it for the night or part of a night, they Sox have won. Game 1 and 6 of the ALCS, for example. But last night it was dirty and in the basket, and heaven forbid he wear something to sleep in twice, so the Sox lost. I am sad. Tampa's fair weather fans are happy. And it is now time to get his Duke Basketball gear warmed up. The Devils will need a little mojo this season.



update and challenge

Coffee Cups. So far I have added two coffee cups to our landfills this year. My travel mugs are getting a good workout but the small discount at the coffee shops is nice.

Over on the family blog,, we are starting a little contest to see who can guess the right weight of the baby. So, happy guessing.

I hope this digital stop finds you well.



no more coffee cups.

I have decided this year to see how few paper and Styrofoam coffee cups I can use. I began on January 5, after returning from travel and holiday break. So far I have used 2 paper cups. This morning I used my second totally by accident. When I left the gym they had coffee, and without thinking I grabbed a paper cup and had some as I worked my way home. My first was a Starbucks that was purchased for me by a wonderful youth chaperon on a recent youth trip.

I am doing pretty good I think. 2 in 10 days is pretty good if you ask me. That comes out to about 100 this year, but actually I think I can get that down to 50 in the year.

In addition to lowering my coffee cup consumption, I am going to try to use less sugar packets as well. I am not going to count them, but when given the choice I will sweeten with a sugar bowl or pour-er instead of a paper packet of sugar.

I don't think this is a revolutionary idea, but, if you think it is, join me and maybe pass it on.
Thats all for today.



New year, New committment to...

We have moved from the Advent Season, through the Christmas season, and we are now in the Resolution season. It is a fun time of self-inflicted boot camp participation that most benefits the grocery store's health foods and produce, and our local gyms. I have not been to the gym yet in '08 but I am sure the Nautilus machines are packed, you can't get a bike in spin class, and there is a line for the treadmill. Everyone has a renewed commitment to care for self, which is a great thing.

The blog is the perfect place to post empty resolutions. I think there is a vision out there that if a pronouncement is placed on one's blog, then, one will be accountable to sticking to it. Well, not so for me. I don't feel accountable to any sort of pronouncements I may place here, but I think I might do a little bit of it anyway.

Off the cuff, here are a few things I do and do not commit to this year, which I may or may not stick to. I will also rate, on a 1-10 scale, 10 being of the most likely to be followed through on, the said commitments:

1. I will try to blog more.
likelihood rating 5. I may. It would be nice with the little one on the way, but who knows.

2. I will run 800.2 miles this year.

likelihood rating 9. I am definitely working towards this and should succeed, barring injury or illness, which is what is preventing me right now. D@*n cold.

3. I will read more.

Likelihood rating 6. I will probably not buy as many books this year, but I already have a stack of 5 that I am really interested in. With the little on, I plan on keeping the TV off a little more which means flipping pages a little more.

4. 82 spin classes, 28 swims.

Likelihood rating 5. I really want to try to accomplish these goals, but it could be a stretch. This would mean 5-6 workouts a week. While I would enjoy that lifestyle, I am not sure I will be dealt that hand of cards.

5. Write something to submit for publication.

Likelihood rating 8. I have a head that is afloat with ideas that need to be down on 'paper.' I am not sure if any of it would make it out of my little office and beyond some editor, but, I am going to do this. Even if it is just revamping a sermon for a little baptist publication.

6. Kick the fried foods.
Likelihood rating 1. Unless the doc tells me that I have to go to zero on the fried food intake, I will never be able to kick fried foods completely. I don't eat tons of fried stuff, I just eat a lot. I thought it wouldnt be hard because I really love grilled stuff, but then I realized that tortilla chips are fried, as are hard taco shells, and I love nachos, salsa, and hard tacos.

7. LOW Waste Coffee.
Likelihood rating 10. I have this new idea for the way I am going to do my coffee, and if anyone is still reading, I would like you to try to do your coffee as well, but I will say more later. For now, carry your travel mug when you go to S-bucks.

So, there are some goals, I may or may not be accountable to for this year. I hope you can come up with your own faux list of resolutions this Resolution Season.



Happy Advent

I have not really had much to say lately that I felt was blog worthy, and the few things I did, I didnt really feel like taking the time to write down. But I have about 5 minutes before I am leaving the office to catch the bus to Winston-Salem and I thought I would write a little note.

We are in the midst of 'birthing classes' at the hospital where the homeboy will be delivered. It is interesting to be in a group that is united only by the fact that we all are having a kid around the same time. We are all different, united by this one, life-changing event. It is a bit of a stress to have to be 1hr from home til 9pm each night of the week, but we will survive.
Happy reading.



new member

I joined Facebook.

I am not sure if this is an announcement, an advertisement, a cry for help, or a confession, but I am now a member of the other popular social networking site. I have had a 'space' for a long time. I didn't use it much and was inundated with requests to be a friend to women I didn't know with odd names. As you will see on my space, I have not made friends with many of those odd people, but it was awkward to be asked nonetheless.
On Facebook, I now have lots of friends and we found each other through my email address book. It is pretty cool and just a little scary, in a 'big brother is watching' sort of way. So, of you are a facebook-er, come and find me and we can be friends. Also, we could create a group to be in (readers of aho's head) would be swell.



getting back in to it...

A good friend, Matt M. called me out for being a slacker and not blogging very much. Though I have had no shortage of thoughts or things to say, I have not taken the time to digitally chronicle them. Today, I am attempting to get back in the swing of things.

I had a great question that I was going to pose, but after I read it, it seemed like it could have been interpreted as mean-spirited. I don't want to be mean, I can be critical enough as it is. So, I will leave you with my favorite television shows at the moment:

5. The Daily Show/The Colbert Report on Comedy Central, I watch them together and find them inseparable.
4. Pushing Daisies on ABC
3. Dirty, Sexy, Money on ABC, a mis-titled mystery drama
2. Man vs. Wild on Discovery
1. Top Gear on BBC America

There you go. My recommendations for how you should spend your time in front of the TV. Feel free to disagree, maybe even to the point of commenting.


ps. Bear Grylls is my new favorite superhero!

edit: It was in my sub-conscious to do this on the first day of the writers strike, I wish I could claim a more savvy explanation to today's choice. Better to be lucky than good.

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